Home and personal care

The home and personal care industry has rapidly evolved over the years in terms of the products on offer. The days of using just a simple bar of soap or phenyl are long gone and the variety of home and personal care products available today is staggering. ABCIL provides multiple inputs that are used to manufacture home care goods like soaps and detergents, and personal care products like perfumes.

Products and applications
Caustic soda lye/flakes
Used to make soaps, detergents and floor cleaners.
Compressed hydrogen
Used in hydrogenation of non-edible oil to manufacture soap.
Hydrochloric acid
Used to manufacture gelatine for toothpastes.
Phosphoric acid
Used to make perfumes.
Sodium hypochlorite
As a bleaching agent and disinfectant, sodium hypochlorite is used to manufacture various home care products.
Stable bleaching powder
Used for sterilising linen and in stain removal.