Water purification

Water is fast becoming a scarce resource. This is why it is important to ensure that water is treated and purified before being used. ABCIL's superior products are used in a variety of ways to treat or purify water for human consumption as well as for industrial application.

Products and applications
Caustic soda lye/flakes
Used in regeneration of anion resin bed.
Hydrochloric acid
Used in water treatment and in regeneration of cation resin bed.
Liquid chlorine
Used as a disinfectant during treatment of water.
Poly aluminium chloride − Sulphated (medium to high basicity)
Used in municipal and industrial water treatment applications.
Poly aluminium chloride − Non-sulphated
Used in paper manufacturing, oil refineries and textile industries for effluent and waste water treatment.
Sodium hypochlorite
Used for treatment of industrial water and for pool chlorination.
Stable bleaching powder
Used as a disinfectant.