Poly aluminium chloride

Treatment and purification of water is a major end-use application for poly aluminium chloride (PAC). It is also widely used in the pulp and paper industry. Vikram PAC and Kanpac are the two high-quality brands manufactured by ABCIL in powder and liquid form.


Industrial applications

Pulp and paper

Sulphated PAC is used to treat process water and effluents during papermaking. Non-sulphated PAC is used in paper manufacturing for filler and pigment effluent.

Water purification

Sulphated PAC (medium and high basicity) is used in municipal and industrial water treatment applications. It also finds use in reduction or removal of chemical oxygen demand, biological oxygen demand and total organic carbon. Non-sulphated PAC helps remove oil containing waste water in oil refineries. It also helps remove dyes from waste water in the textile industry.